Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Trails to Meeeeee - Santiago Oaks Regional Park

Down to just one car last week, I had to drive my boo to work early Saturday morning. Most of the fibers in my body wanted to stumble to the car in my PJs, but I threw some stretchy, ass-jiggle highlighting pants on and toddled to the car with sneakers in hand. I figured I should take this opportunity to hit a trail before it got hot. After dropping off the boo, I coffee'd up and resisted the urge to go home and get some work done on the couch.
I love the couch.
Despite the siren's call of a lazy Saturday, I drove toward the Santiago Oaks Regional Park which was recommended by a friend. I shared the road only with old trucks whose drivers were heading off to manicure the lawns and gardens of the expansive Orange County homes. The farther I drove, the more rural the landscape became. At least, it was reminiscent of a rural area but one that is very expensive. Turns out, this is what is referred to as an equestrian community. This explains the horse trails and stables and McMansions.  
Another oldie but goodie. Somehow, he did not make an appearance in the equestrian community
I followed the helpful signs toward the park and noticed several gated communities and 90s era (once) new developments that almost made me pause. Confident in my friend's suggestion, I continued on. The road narrowed, a horse and its rider were spotted, and suddenly there were trees everywhere. I gasped. I stared. I squealed. The park attendant asked if I might mind paying the parking fee and getting out of the way.

Who doesn't love sun poking through trees? Monsters, that's who!
Historic Orange Grove. Look but don't touch.
a leetle creek!
The OC Parks website will tell you that Santiago Oaks provides a sense of removal from the urbanized environment, and you know what? This is not a lie. Even just sitting in the parking lot, I felt so at peace I almost cried.

historic creek dam. not for swimming, damn.
it's all shady and tree covered and then there's this valley type thing out of nowhere!
for when you get thirsty. intended for horses, but hey.
I have nothing bad to say. No snarky jokes to tell. There was hardly any litter and no graffiti that I saw. Just a beautiful place full of people there for more or less the same reason I was. I give it five Haribo gummy bear bags! (out of 5)


  1. Kelly! This is fabulous! I enjoyed this very much. Cassie and I have been going on little urban hikes every Friday. These pictures sort of reminded me of Oregon. I hope it reminded you of Oregon. Yay!

    1. Thanks, Ad! It did remind me of Oregon. Different types of trees, of course, but yes. Where have you been so far on your urban hikes?

    2. Hmm. Well, we did Multnomah Falls, Luke took me on one near Mt. Hood, we did Mt. Tabor, Washington Park, one over in Sellwood which took us to Oaks Park, Forest Park, one out in Beaverton, and a couple others I can't think of for some reason. It's nice to get out in nature. I could walk for hours!

    3. Daaaaamn girl! That's a lot of hikes! I've been loving Luke's pics of their hikes. So pretty.


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