Monday, April 9, 2012

From the archives...

Ready for some more excuses about my long absence again? Here you go -- I was working to get a report out to this group of people you've probably heard of, Congress? Yeah, those people. I was also planning a surprise party for my sister! I can't wait to post lots of pictures, but first, here are some pictures from the archives of my phone. 

What is the imagined use for such a flavored syrup?
The view from the window of my new cubicle. It's huge. It also has a window, obviously. 
The world's largest woman holding a bag of Haribo gummy bears. 
What do you do about cupcakes that are difficult to eat because they have two vertical inches of frosting? If you're my boo, you rip it apart, turn the frosting side upside down, and smash it into the cake. That's what.
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