Saturday, September 17, 2011

Teach Me How to Minimum Day

It has been over a month since I blogged. OVER A MONTH!! You know what I was doing? I was doing bullshit things like working million hour days, crying, complaining, eating copious amounts of crap just to stay awake, and being in a generally terrible mood. Blog ideas entered my mind here and there, but I could never find the time or summon the energy to actually write a post.

could, however, summon the energy to do this.

I have wanted to write a minimum day tutorial for awhile now. I wanted to do it in real time, as I live a minimum day. When I say a minimum day, I mean a day when one does absolutely nothing productive. You don't cook, clean, organize, do any work, send useful emails, read useful emails, make plans, make lists, pay bills, run errands...none of that. I can't take credit for the idea; I got it from a book.

My sister instructed me to give the idea a try when I was incredibly stressed out balancing work and home obligations. Maybe at the time I was still in grad school also, but maybe not. I have to be honest. I get stressed reallllllly easily. The list of all the things one does not do on a minimum day gave me twinges of stress in my chest. In fact, I'm feeling them right now as I type about how I was feeling them.

This is just going to be a minimum day introduction. I already listed what you should not do, and if you are to read that book you can learn what it is really supposed to be. Instead, though, I am just going to walk you through my take on minimum days.

1. Wake up at whatever time you want. Want to get up early? Get up early. Feel like sleeping in? Do it. Whatever you want.

2. Stay in your PJs, or something comfortable. If you're the type that likes to wear a bra, by all means, wear one. I prefer to stay in my pajamas, loosey goosey.

Here I am. Just hangin' in my jammies.

3. Turn on the TV. The crappier the show, the better (in my experience).

4. Drink some coffee.

5. Keep watching TV.

6. Eat something. Today I actually ate yogurt and granola, but sometimes my minimum day meals include ice cream for breakfast, kettle corn for lunch, and a lot of cheez-its.

7. Chat on the phone with your BFFs.

HAHA! Girrrrl, you say the craziest things!

8. Go on facebook or other sites of your choice. A LOT.

9. THAT'S IT. DO THAT ALLLLLLLLLLL DAY! I suppose you could read, listen to music, take a bubble bath or something, or do one of your "hobbies." Unless one of your hobbies makes you feel all accomplished and productive. That is NOT the point of a minimum day.

All of this is done from the couch. Or maybe your bed, if that's how you roll.

P.S. While searching the interwebs for images for this post, I saw a picture of myself from here! Page 4 of my google image search result. I'm freakin' famous! A famous blog writer!

P.P.S. When I changed my search from "minimum day" to "lazy saturday," I got all these pictures of other blog writers showing what their "lazy saturday" outfits are. There were dresses, accessories, and makeup involved. LIARS!

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