Friday, September 4, 2009

Congratulations and I Hate You

Through the glory of facebook, I have noticed a lot of recent graduates posting about interviews or recently landed jobs. The first thing I want to tell them is, congratulations!! Don't you feel grown up?? Getting your first job right after graduation is such an awesome feeling. You get to wear what I like to call "big girl pants" or "boss pants," which depending on how or if you worked through college you might have already done but nonetheless, boss pants are awesome. Man, I remember that feeling. Okay now the second thing I want to say is, I hate you. Good for you, but I hate you. I have experience! I have 1.5 degrees! That's .5 more of a degree than you! I have MANY pairs of boss pants! I even have sensible yet somewhat stylish pumps I would never otherwise wear! What's the deal?

Perhaps those of us with a few years of experience under our belt but not enough to be considered senior management or executive level or something out of my reach like that are at a disadvantage to the bright eyed bushy tailed recent grads willing to accept $30,000 a year because they are just so happy to be working. The senior level people are getting the mid-level jobs and the entry level people are getting the entry level jobs because they expect less money? Maybe that's it. Although I think I may have applied for an entry level job and still received absolutely no response...hmm. 

On another note, school started on Tuesday. I did my first Santa Ana -> Downtown Long Beach -> Anaheim Hills -> Long Beach -> Santa Ana commute. It was awful as anyone could have guessed. I only had to do the whole thing on Tuesday, but when I'm not going to school it's still pretty bad. It's just Anaheim Hills -> Santa Ana with no Long Beach in between. I'm not sure how long I can keep it up! 

Now to say a few positive things. In about 10 days I am going to Illinois to see my family and my dear, dear friend Stephanie! First, I'll fly into St. Louis and meet up with Lizzy and Cristo (my nephew) while Dad comes to pick us up and take us back to Springfield. We'll be staying at my brother and his wife's house for two nights before taking the train into Chicago. Oh, and I finally get to meet my new niece Addison! On Friday Lizzy and I will have ourselves a mini vacation adventure,  Saturday is my dad's event where the whole family will be in Chicago to see him receive his award, and then Sunday and Monday I'm with Steph enjoying the city!! I miss them all so much I am ITCHING to see them. Can't wait! 

Til next time. 

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