Friday, May 23, 2014

21 Day Challenge: Crap That's Been Cleaned

Remember when I said I already cleaned out some of the items on my crap cleaning challenge list? Here is photographic proof, mostly in the form of before shots. So, photographic proof of what a shitstorm it was.

Above you will find my hall closet, looking so messy and gross, and the contents of my hall closet after I pulled everything out. 
That's what I threw out, plus some give-away stuff not pictured, and I had a stack of equal size or bigger that actually belonged in other areas of the house, like four handbags! I also cleaned out the handbags and scored 3 lipglosses and 8 hairties, at least.
From my bedroom closet, I cleared out a stack of clothes that I don't wear anymore but decided to keep anyway and a couple bags of give-away items. The clothes I'm keeping are nice quality that maybe I'll be able to fit again someday or might want to give to someone. (Every time I buy something on ebay, I think back to the clothes I used to have that I wish I'd kept.) Those clothes were put into an underbed storage container, which of course I had to clean out first.

Now to finish my challenge, make another one for actually organizing all the stuff, and then allow myself to even think about starting some of the other projects looming over my head.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

21 Day Crap Cleaning Challenge

Achieving results, y'all (via Forbes, who else)

I’m still doing a decent job of cooking regularly, planning meals and using coupons to save money where I can, and exercising more than I had been (which was not at all, so that’s like an easy A.)

Now I really have to get serious about organizing the apartment because even when it's clean, it still feels like a huge mess. I’m going to have to do this in phases and eventually totally reconfigure how we use our storage. 
I am getting serious, Jermaine!
First up, I have to get rid of all the extra crap. I thought one of those 21-day or some other number of days challenges would help, but I had to customize my own because nothing I found made sense for our space. For example, I don’t have a laundry room, or the luxury of devoting an entire cabinet to Tupperware.

Behold, my 21-day challenge crap cleaning challenge:
1.    Linen cabinet
2.    Craft cabinet
3.    Under kitchen sink
4.    Under bathroom sink
5.    Freezer
6.    Refrigerator
7.    Mail/Paperwork
8.    Bedroom closet – clothes
9.    Bedroom closet – drawers and shelves
10.  Utensil drawers
11.  Baking and spice cabinets
12.  Dishware cabinet
13.  Pots and Pans
14.  Hall closet
15.  Medicine cabinet/storage
16.  Media stand
17.  Under bed
18.  Handbag
19.  Work bag
20.  Car
21.  Balcony closet

Except I’ve already done four of these, so I guess it’s my 17-day crap cleaning challenge? And do I have to do this in order? I don’t want to. This is my customized challenge, so I say no!

After I clean everything out, I will devise a system for organizing what’s left. You know I’m already on my Pinterest game for this one.
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