Thursday, May 22, 2014

21 Day Crap Cleaning Challenge

Achieving results, y'all (via Forbes, who else)

I’m still doing a decent job of cooking regularly, planning meals and using coupons to save money where I can, and exercising more than I had been (which was not at all, so that’s like an easy A.)

Now I really have to get serious about organizing the apartment because even when it's clean, it still feels like a huge mess. I’m going to have to do this in phases and eventually totally reconfigure how we use our storage. 
I am getting serious, Jermaine!
First up, I have to get rid of all the extra crap. I thought one of those 21-day or some other number of days challenges would help, but I had to customize my own because nothing I found made sense for our space. For example, I don’t have a laundry room, or the luxury of devoting an entire cabinet to Tupperware.

Behold, my 21-day challenge crap cleaning challenge:
1.    Linen cabinet
2.    Craft cabinet
3.    Under kitchen sink
4.    Under bathroom sink
5.    Freezer
6.    Refrigerator
7.    Mail/Paperwork
8.    Bedroom closet – clothes
9.    Bedroom closet – drawers and shelves
10.  Utensil drawers
11.  Baking and spice cabinets
12.  Dishware cabinet
13.  Pots and Pans
14.  Hall closet
15.  Medicine cabinet/storage
16.  Media stand
17.  Under bed
18.  Handbag
19.  Work bag
20.  Car
21.  Balcony closet

Except I’ve already done four of these, so I guess it’s my 17-day crap cleaning challenge? And do I have to do this in order? I don’t want to. This is my customized challenge, so I say no!

After I clean everything out, I will devise a system for organizing what’s left. You know I’m already on my Pinterest game for this one.

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