Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Chronicles of Hairnia

If you know me in real life, you know that I have a ridiculous amount of hair. (Most of) my hairs are thick and wavy, and there are a lot of them. They are also greying rapidly, which is introducing a new, wiry texture into the mix.
This may as well be a picture of me, only I have more hair
In spite of all this hair and yet also because of it, I am a pretty low maintenance chick. There is too much hair to ignore altogether, and it looks good when I put in the effort. I mean, I didn't win "Best Hair" in 8th grade for no reason. However, when it's been awhile since my last cut, it can take me 60-90 minutes to blow it out. I won't lie and say I don't have that kind of time, but I'd rather spend it watching Bravo.
it had been awhile, and that was no laughing matter
Given all of this, it is of utmost importance that I go to a stylist that can take out some of the weight and style it in a way that looks good wavy, curlyish, or blown out. All this while avoiding the grow-out crisis - about two weeks after visiting the salon, the top of my head gets this strange, fuzzy, puffy quality as the hairs grow out.

It took 10 minutes to wash by this point.
However, a good haircut is only half the battle. There are also the products and every day styling to deal with. During Memorial Day weekend I visited a battleground the likes of which I had never seen - Miami. I armed myself with frizz-ease serum, frizz-ease hairspray, and gel.
frizz-ease serum, some gel, and hairspray. and i was drunk
I was very pleased with the performance of the frizz-ease and other products. By 3:30 a.m., after dancing, sweating, and a drunken pizza run, it pretty much looked the same. I would recommend the serum to any curly headed people existing in very humid places. I divided my hair in three sections and used one pump of serum for each section, but most people could get by with one pump for all their hairs.

I also took the advice of my soulmate Susan who told me to swim in the ocean and let the ocean's salt water do its work. Let's compare.

salt water, and I was not drunk
It's a lot frizzier, obviously, but it photographs okay. The texture was not great in real life, and it got super tangled. Would I recommend it? Mmm, I would say if you don't have time to wash and style your hair after a day at the beach, don't sweat it! Let the public see what real "beach waves" look like. If you do have the time, wash your hair.

Do you have thick hair, thin hair, lots of thin hairs, a few thick hairs? Wavy, bone straight? What is your hair routine and maintenance like? Spill ya guts.

thanks for the pic, Babylon Sisters!


  1. We have the same hair!!!!
    (but yours is much prettier than mine!)
    mine is huge and unmanageable.
    Even the million dollar keratin treatment didn't help much....and it didn't last very long either.

    Thank god for ponytail holders.

    1. I've wondered about the keratin treatment! Do you have a stylist you like for cuts at least? It's so hard to find someone who can deal with this type of hair, and the woman I have been going to is changing careers!

  2. oh -- p.s.
    my picture here for google was taken right after a hair cut and blow out.
    i can NEVER get it like that by myself!


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