Sunday, September 2, 2012

Broken Down in MX - Worth It For The Big Metal Animals

You are probably still recuperating from the excitement of my weekend "hike", but there is more from last weekend that you need to know about. I'm talkin family, lobsters, border towns + border patrol, big metal animals, and broken down cars.
Not as maravilloso of a tiempo as I had hoped, Pat.
My in-laws are on a Baja California kick for some reason, and last weekend the plan was to drive down there and do the following: church in Tijuana, hit up our favorite jugo stand, drive to Puerto Nuevo for a lobster lunch, horseback ride on the beach in Rosarito, wait for four hours to cross the border, go home.
Sunday Fun Day!
As we made our way through the beach cities toward Puerto Nuevo, I was ecstatic to see a generous selection of big metal animals. I instantly thought of the first post that brought me to The Bloggess and started snapping pictures thinking, "she's going to be so proud!" If you don't know what I'm talking about, you better click on that link and educate yourself. Before you wreck yourself.
"Knock-knock, motherfucker" via the link above
I intended to write a post about all the fun we had and all the (metal) animals I saw. We went to church. Drank juice. Ate lobster. Rode horses on the beach. All accordingly to plan, until! Our car broke down, still in Rosarito, requiring that we take a bus back to the border, cross on foot, and find a bus back to Orange County. A bus that was searched by Border Patrol. After that, I thought I might post a lengthy complaint about that experience, but then what would become of my metal animals? Nay, I shall push my suffering aside and show you their splendor as originally intended.
"dinosaurs and giraffes not to scale"
peep the more traditional artesania to the left
giant horses to pull an even gianter wagon
"hey jake, won't this look perfect in the front yard? help me strap it to the van"
Not giant, and from my neighborhood Ross, but still good.
Mexico - a country known for its artisan crafts like alebrijes and the ever popular talavara tile. In Mexico you can buy up enough artisan goods to make your house look like a real life hacienda! Thanks to the emerging giant animal trend, you can now also make your house look like a theme park. Or Jurassic Park.

I'm on my way back there today, so let me know if you'd like me to inquire about prices!

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  1. Definitely worth it. Those animals are awesome! I always thought to myself when looking at the statues constructed from old auto parts, who the heck possess's such craftsmanship? Forever a mystery.

    -David Enabulele


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