Thursday, August 30, 2012

Did I Burn My Leg For This?

Not a country song, though it should be.

I burned the shit out of my leg posing on a motorcycle, and all I got was an alright picture. (Coming up with different versions of this joke is one of my favorite things to do.)

A couples weeks ago, my office had its annual summer picnic. One of the newest people to join the office surprised us all by rolling up on a big, shiny Harley. He is a different breed than a lot of people here - a little flashy, a little loud, plenty outgoing, and young. For example, he has a ring that could be described as "bling".

Although some people here probably wasted no time in talking about him and his shiny Harley having ways behind his back (or on a blog), none of us had a problem with him using that Harley to provide music at the picnic.

It also took very little convincing for me to have no problem posing on it.

The motorcycle may be shiny but I'm shiny AND happy
Did you know that motorcycles get so hot that they can verrrrrrrrrry seriously burn you? It's true. Oh, what's that, you say you thought this was common knowledge? Not common enough, apparently.

It also turns out that I know very little about burns. It was a minor second-degree burn since it had some blistering, but the blister was pretty small. I bandaged it up, failing to think through my choice to let some of the sticky part of the bandage touch the discolored skin that was not blistering. When I went to take it off, a chunk of skin came with it. Now I have a crater on my leg in addition to a big circular patch of purple skin, which is now flaking off. Shaving my legs has proven quite difficult. And for those details, you're welcome!

I make bad choices. 

1 comment:

  1. oh no! get some polysporin and keep it covered.
    (i am not a doctor, but i play one on blog comments.)


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