Monday, January 18, 2010

Where did I go??

To my couch. The whole point of my blog was to keep me from getting lost on my island known as the couch, but after some discouraging and CONFUSING developments, I lost my motivation. I lost my motivation and got lost on my island after all. I write this blog from my couch, so I really could have reconciled the whole situation but alas, I did not.

So, let me catch up my loyal following of two or three readers. Right after my last post I applied to a job in LA and interviewed for it twice. I also received a phone interview and invitation to interview in person for a job selling educational travel programs. I don't know what I was thinking. I am not a saleswoman. I didn't blog about any of this because it all made me feel very conflicted. The LA job was temporary and only went through February. The sales job was a sales job. Here I was being offered opportunities and a large part of me didn't want to take them. I also felt frustrated because I felt trapped by unemployment. I couldn't even be myself and professionally decline the face to face interview because I was worried somehow unemployment would find out and I'd lose my benefit. So, I just never called them back. Uncool, I know.

Time passed and I didn't hear from the LA job. I thought it was for the best and moved on. I found another nanny job in the morning so I felt more secure. I was also still hoping the paid internship program I applied to would come through in the spring. Then, as Christmas was approaching the LA job called. I believe the voicemail said, "Hi, Kelly it's so and so from the LA blankety blank and we're calling about the organizer position and would like to know when you can start" ??? So, they're offering me the job! I feel so caught off guard! I have an 11 day trip planned to Oregon!! What do I do? Why are they so presumptuous? Hmm. I emailed back, but then heard nothing. Oh well, on to the next.

Or so I thought. They contacted me again a couple weeks ago VIA TEXT (weird!) with the same message essentially. When can I start? I did a lot of soul searching and decided even though it's temporary it's worth the risk. I can't be scared of losing unemployment forever or I'll never get out of this trap! Or off my couch Friday through Monday. I call back to say yes, I'll do it. I'll risk ruining my only good nanny reference heaven forbid I should have to nanny again. I'll risk not having anything lined up once the job is over. I'll do it!! "Okay, well we actually just have to run this by our Exec Director. He's in Mexico." Once again, ?????? I guess that wasn't a real job offer after all. Some calls and texting later, NO RESPONSE! Oh boy.

Enter the spring paid internship. By this time, it seemed completely unlikely I would get an offer. The internship was set to start on Jan 14th and I'd heard nothing at all from them. Until January 8th. I got an email saying I was being considered. Two hours later a phone call to see if I could interview on the following Monday. I drove back to LA to the same building the other LA job was in, ironic, and had a great interview with the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Only a few hours later the first LA job comes back on the scene with an actual job offer VIA TEXT! Ridiculous. I put them off since I wanted to hear about the internship first, plus I was highly questioning their professionalism by this time. I emailed various people about the internship and by the next day I had A JOB OFFER!!

Nothing is finalized yet and there is paperwork to be submitted, but if everything goes smoothly I will start my new full time paid internship in LA on February 1st. I may have to change the name of my blog. However, I still have a lot of people in my life including family who continue to struggle with this so it remains important to me even if my employment situation has changed.

The next obstacle is the commute. Since I am not a homeowner nor living with my beloved, it really does not make sense to drive from Orange County to LA everyday. I don't even like it here that much. Moving is a little scary since I have become accustomed to OC, but I am looking at Long Beach since I'm more familiar with it and like it. I could take the blue line to work and save a lot of gas and sanity. Unless he wants to lock it down with cohabitation, I think I'll be moving. Another apartment to decorate!

Til next time!

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