Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roadblock #172

I was so disappointed to find out today that one of my nannying references is actually NOT giving me a good reference. I've never been concerned that any reference provided for me would be anything less than positive. I feel slightly betrayed but mostly embarrassed. 

You may be wondering how I found this out. Well, someone I interviewed with called and said some things the reference said "raised some concerns" and she wanted to ask me about them to see if they were explainable. I was grateful that she brought it to my attention instead of just writing me off, and now I know not to use this reference anymore. She portrayed me as unreliable! I am totally aware of my faults, but I was a great nanny for her and definitely was not unreliable. Of course I didn't hear the actual conversation so I could be off base, but from what I know, her portrayal of me and our working relationship in general was inaccurate. 

I'm bummed because I don't have very many recent nanny references since most of my childcare work was in Oregon many years ago. Despite my education, my skills, and my experience in a variety of fields, I feel inadequate! Whether it's a nanny job or a professional job (not that nannies are unprofessional but I don't know how else to make the distinction), it seems I don't have what it takes. Yuck! I hate this feeling. 

Still I press on. I have an interview on Friday morning so fingers crossed. 

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