Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Still in the woods

My new job doesn't start until February 1st, and to be honest, I don't feel I can fully celebrate until I receive total confirmation. Right now I am still filling out forms and finalizing agreements etc.

Nevertheless, since it's pretty much a go I had to let my part time nanny job family know I would be moving on. I was nervous, feeling a little guilty, and wishing I could give them more notice. Alas, I could not and had no choice but to break the news. I gave about two weeks notice, depending on if you count from my last day or the first day they'll need a new person. She wasn't pleased but was polite and wished me well.

Today she left me a voicemail saying one of their former nannies could return, and she can start next week! Her husband is taking the rest of the week off while she travels and so they don't need me this week! Wait...that means you won't need me at all before my new job starts? Yep, that's exactly what that means. She had called to say she thought it would be best for them to just "end it now". I'll never work for them again. I'll see the kids on Sunday for a goodbye lunch.

I won't go into the details of all the reasons I disagree with this decision. That would require an entirely different blog devoted to my opinions on appropriate child care. I bring it up here because it creates a financial hardship for me. Sure, I'm about to start a new job and will be making enough money to support myself without struggling. However, it could be 1 to 1 1/2 months from now before I receive my first paycheck. I have rent to pay in two weeks. I am trying to relocate and will have to pay a security deposit. Life and bills go on even while you wait to start your new job!

As a mother, her job is to look out for her family and do what she thinks is best for them. Even though I disagree, I am going along with it for that reason. I just have to realllllllly budget these next few weeks. Puts a little damper on my new job happiness, that's for sure.

Til next time.

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