Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let Your Unemployed Voices Be Heard!!

I have a tendency to give perfect strangers way more information than necessary in response to questions like "How are you?" Once, I told a salesgirl in Nordstrom that I couldn't splurge on a necklace because I had been utilizing retail therapy too much since becoming unemployed and I had to get it under control. I think the question she had asked me was, "would you like to see it?" On Wednesday I left my nanny job feeling overwhelmed and filled with anxiety. So, I decided a trip to Trader Joe's was in order. I filled my basket with strawberries, chocolate pudding, chocolate covered pretzels, cookie dough, and a box of frozen chocolate croissants. The cashier took a look at my items and said "oooh look what you've got going on here," to which I replied, "that's what happens when you're unemployed and start eating your feelings." He didn't quite know what to say, so I continued. "You know, you're feeling kind of sad and down on yourself so you indulge in some chocolate to lift your feelings. You eat your feelings, and feel better. It's instant gratification, but it's temporary." He laughed uncomfortably and said something about 15 minutes of happiness being a good start. 

For a brief moment I felt embarrassed. Why did I tell him that? Why did I make him feel uncomfortable. Then I realized, because it's the truth! The reality of the recession is that somewhere around 9 or 10% (what's the current number?) of the country is unemployed, and most of us are feeling sad and funky, eating a lot, and probably watching a lot of t.v. So I urge all of you fellow unemployed people to say what's on your mind. Tell the grocery clerk that the only party you're having is with the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Jeff Lewis at this hot new club called the Bravo network. Tell the retail clerk why you must resist her sale merchandise. Tell the guy at the gas station that you can't buy his miraculous windshield cleaner because Uncle Sam doesn't pay enough. Tell them all! Watch them smile uncomfortably and move along. 

By the way, I didn't make it beyond the face to face interview. There goes that theory that once they got to see me and talk to me, I'd be a shoe in. 

Til next time! 

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