Monday, October 5, 2009


My brother and my niece in Springfield. She was upset. 

With Steph at Starbucks with my family before we had to separate! 

The old water tower literally around the corner from my hotel in Chicago. (Channeling Rachel Zoe with my use of the word literally). 

Sister Sarah holding wigglebottoms  Addison. 

With Mom and Dad at waiting for Dad to receive his fellow award from ASLA

At lunch with my beautiful sisters and nephew in Chicago

Pictures of my nephew will motivate me to figure anything out. This toolbar above my typing wasn't there while typing the last blog. Egg on my face. 

Eating pizza at the famous Gino's East in Chicago

Driving to the park in Springfield

Those are just a few highlights from my trip to Illinois! It's always so bittersweet seeing my family though. When I'm with them, it fills my heart to the brim! But, when we have to leave each other it seems to hurt worse every time. 

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