Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Brief Hello

I got back from DC yesterday. It was not too eventful - no lunch with the Real Housewives. I guess something came up. I did get several U.S. government pens. Not like souvenir pens but real badass ones us gov'mint employees use. Picture to come.

Tonight I am off again never to return until Sunday. My ride should be here any minute so for now I will just tell you this...

Bacon, rainbow chard sauteed in a leetle remaining bacon grease, shrimp, and fettucine in a lightish cream sauce with some smoked mozzarella. That's what that is. Does it look gross? Well it wasn't. Does it sound rich? Okay, that it was.

I decided to make this for dinner even though I had 183 things to do. I just HAD to do it. Not too unlike the time I HAD to make sangria. I really didn't have to, but there I was, cursing that fruit as I sliced it. Occasionally I experience strange compulsions to complete tasks that don't need completing and certainly don't need stressing over. I'm working on it.

Happy weekend! Until next week, lovelies.

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