Sunday, August 7, 2011

To-do list? To DONE!

Do you like making lists? I think I should take a note from Cristina of The Frankenstein House and make more "this is like that" lists rather than to-do lists full of stupid shit I never get done. There is probably a much longer post in my future about how I fancy myself a do-it-yourselfer, or at least a makeshift apprentice of actual do-it-yourselfers I admire so much. Really though, my computer, phone, journal, and any and all scraps of paper in my house are filled with things I think I should do or at one point even wanted to do. Like buying frames for the prints I bought on my birthday. My birthday is in February. Today is August 7th.

I almost made another useless list today, but instead I think I will make a list of all the wonderful things I did that wouldn't have made it to the to-do list. Because I actually had quite a lovely day.

1. Skipped church
2. Read some awesome blog entries via blogher
3. Talked to my beautiful sister on the phone
4. Filed my jagged nails
5. Made the bed with fresh linens
6. Washed the dishes
7. Wrote a blog entry
8. Wrote a long, therapeutic potential blog entry
9. Uploaded long overdue pictures on facebook
10. Watched TV my boo doesn't approve of
11. Washed clothes for the week, towels, pillowcases, and even the covers for the couch throw pillows
12. Watched a movie
13. Listened to Drake, Nicki, and Kanye. Yes, we call each other by our first names. Actually, they call me K Lip like most close personal friends.
14. Watched half of a lifetime movie
15. Packed my lunch for tomorrow
16. Tidied my room and closet
17. Washed my hair
18. Searched for and found recipes I'd like to try
19. Wrote this blog entry

I started the day intending to get a lot of work done. I have this spreadsheet at work that's killing me, and I wanted to finish it. However, I chose to enjoy myself instead and am working hard to ignore the knot in my stomach that is trying to tell me LIES. It is a LIE that I should spend my Sunday finishing a spreadsheet. I will wake up crazy early tomorrow to get a jump on the day as a result, but for the rest of today (my today ends in about 45 minutes) I am happy to have accomplished 19 verrrrrry important to-dos.


  1. Housenstein offers you its congratulations on a day that was a lovely balance of productive and fun! Also, I just skimmed 2 of the "humor" nominees on BlogHer. Based on this surveying of the field of nominees, I pronounce us funnier than that. We win.

  2. I agree. I was OVER the humor section, although I did like that guy's post about his divorce. Thank you for pronouncing us that. It feels good to be nominated, but to win?! It feels amazing.


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