Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big Night Out

Out until 9:00 on a Thursday?! You better believe it!

Tonight my boo and I crossed the city line into Fullerton to fill our bellies to capacity with farmer's market fare. The Downtown Fullerton Farmer's Market is --

Boo says hi.

-- Pardon that interruption. The farmer's market is every Thursday evening and features a lot of greasy cuisine, a beer and wine garden, and live music that inspires plenty of White Lady (and Man) wiggle dancing.

these ladies don't exactly look like the typical OC lady, but can't you just picture it? Can't you JUST?

Also white kid wiggle dancing. I wish I could have taken a picture of the adorable little guy with all the slick moves, but I think taking pictures of other people's children and posting them on the internets might be frowned upon. Imagine a skinny, brunette three year old boy getting down with some squatting, Elaine like moves.

Imagine less kicking, more getting low.

In addition to inciting the adorable dance moves that came to an unfortunate end since it was past little man's bedtime, the band brought another of the evening's highlights when they brought birthday lady Maria on stage. To honor her birthday, they allowed her to play the COW BELL! And as I shouted in my mind, "MORE COW BELL!" the lead singer of the band also yelled "MORE COW BELL!" So, then I really screamed "MORE COW BELL!" Repeatedly.

he needs more cowbell!

I also tried to steal a baby. Well, not tried, but thought really seriously about. Why don't I have a baby?! My boo and I shared a tri-tip sandwich, a bacon wrapped hot dog, and Vegan Jamaican jerk & curry. What? Yes. We also had some lemonade and a funnel cake. The bacon wrapped hot dog included grilled onions, but apparently they get their name from the mere fact they touch the grill at some point. Under-grilled onions are not my favorite thing.

we're so full we became sepia colored!

I'll leave you with these. Enjoy.


teeheehee again!

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