Thursday, January 15, 2015

Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby - Ashanti, 2002

Hello and sorry again for my absence! Papa's like a rollin' stone, you know?

So here's some news. I'm pregnant! 27 weeks and 5 days, to be exact, which means I'm headed into the third trimester. (Or I'm already there, depending on who you ask.) Today at my special ultrasound appointment (more on special ultrasounds later), baby girl's estimated weight was 2 pounds 12 ounces. And her car seat was delivered. Shit's getting really real!

I decided to come back and share what I've learned about maternity clothes so far, and heartburn. I've learned a lot about heartburn. In particular, I plan to review some H&M and Asos items because their websites don't include reviews and the google search results on their items were pretty sparse when I checked.

First, some lessons and tips for the newly pregnant mama from this first-time only 2/3rds of the way there pregnant mama. (So, an expert.)

1. Hold your horses.
You probably won't need maternity clothes for quite awhile, to the point where all the cute stuff you first pinned is on clearance but not available in your size, is no longer appropriate for the weather, or isn't available at all. Go ahead and buy it right away if it makes you happy, but picking a size will be kind of a guessing game. It's hard to say how much weight you'll gain and how quickly, not to mention how you'll carry. (I did buy two maternity items right away that were on super clearance at Target, including a $10 dress that I wear alllllll the time. So I guess I'm advising that you don't spend a bunch of money on a new maternity wardrobe until later.)

2. Make it werrrrk.
Depending on what's already in your closet, lots of your pre-pregnancy clothes can work well into your second trimester if not all the way to your third. (Again, depending on how much weight you gain, how quickly, and how you're carrying that bump.) I regularly wear cardigans and button downs, open of course, over my basic maternity shirts and dresses. Stretchy skirts and dresses will last you quite awhile before they start pushing uncomfortably on your bump, and a jersey maxi dress will work for a long, long time. Long tees and tanks are great if you already have them. I still wear a bootcut pair of pre-pregnancy jeans and just use the hair tie trick to keep them closed. (I bought a belly band but didn't like it. Some people swear by them.) If you happen to have any larger clothes hanging around, perhaps from a period when you were a little heavier than right before you got pregnant, those will be helpful. I once bought a suiting dress from J. Crew in a size too big because it was on mega-clearance. I thought about tailoring it but never did, and I ended up wearing it for all my work travel and a special occasion when I was like 24 weeks.

3. Black is the new black.
Once you start buying maternity stuff, save money by getting versatile pieces in basic colors. Black, white, and grey are good options. It sounds boring, but you can layer pieces from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe (see above) or use accessories like jewelry and scarves to make your outfits more interesting.

4. Bras. You'll need bras.
Your boobs are going to get bigger. Probably way bigger. You'll need to make periodic bra purchases throughout your pregnancy, and do yourself a favor and make at least a couple of those soft, stretchy bras. I've only purchased two new bras so far because I'm cheap, and I got a hand-me-down from my sister. (Also I've been working from home so don't have to wear a regular bra every day. More o that later too.) Sometimes I see good deals and want to go for them, but then I realize that I really have no idea just how big these suckers are going to get, especially once my milk comes in. Just take it one new bra size at a time.

5. Maternity underwear and PJs might be a scam.
So far my pre-pregnancy lounge pants, yoga pants, and leggings are working just fine. My PJ shirts are getting a little short, so I'll probably have to start wearing maternity shirts to bed soon. Or just let the bump hang out, whatevs. I got a pack of cotton briefs from Target in one size up and those are working great for my underwear. I'll see if that changes in the 3rd trimester and report back.

6. Oh, and so long thongs.
Once pantyliners become a necessity, and they will, your thong days are probably over. This is why I bought the pack of briefs.

7. Don't eat tums.
Not clothing related, but if you get nasty heartburn like many pregnant ladies, mix a teaspoon or two of raw apple cider vinegar with water and force it down. (No lie, it's gross.) I had been eating antacids every day when my sister informed me that they can actually make the heartburn worse over time. There is some science behind that that you can google if you must, but just trust me.

More on how I've built my maternity wardrobe and reviews coming next.

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