Tuesday, June 3, 2014

When 21 Days Becomes 26 Tasks: Crap Cleaning Challenge

So, the point of these challenges is to do one task per day, right? Well, I'm failing that part miserably. Do people quit their jobs and neglect their other responsibilities during these things??

I also have to break down some of the existing tasks, so this will probably be a 30 day challenge after all.

The update, broken out tasks in italic:

  1. Linen cabinet - top
  2. Linen cabinet - bottom 
  3. Craft cabinet
  4. Under kitchen sink
  5. Under bathroom sink
  6. Freezer 
  7. Refrigerator 
  8. Mail/Paperwork
  9. Mail counter
  10. Bedroom closet – clothes 
  11. Bedroom closet – drawers
  12. Bedroom closet - bookshelf
  13. Bedroom closet - shoe storage
  14. Bedroom closet - misc storage
  15. Utensil drawers 
  16. Baking and spice cabinets
  17. Dishware cabinet
  18. Pots and Pans
  19. Hall closet 
  20. Medicine cabinet/storage
  21. Media stand
  22. Under bed
  23. Handbag 
  24. Work bag
  25. Car 
  26. Balcony closet
 Who knows how long it will take me to do these 26 things? We shall see.

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