Friday, August 10, 2012

Wipe That Face Off Your Head, B

I think she was talking to me when she said that.(around the 48 second mark)

Earlier this week I posted about my rafting trip in Tahoe that started out a little rough and the stink-face I made in response.

I am sure I made this face more than once, or perhaps continually. After looking at this picture a few times, I realized that I've been making this face for my entire life. Please enjoy the following photo history.
more eyebrows, but same face. Age 9ish.
look closely to find the "crazy kelly face" captured by a domestic wilderness photographer
and this is the face I made at my favorite greek week event.
And here I am making it, slightly varied, on couches:
why so upset? is it the footie socks?
on vacation. clearly.
Lastly, stink face's cousin - over-it-attitude face. Actually, one of these pictures is not of me. It's my sister, but we're pretty much the same. We even brush our teeth and put our hair up in exactly the same way.
Thanksgiving 10ish years ago. Not thankful for picture taking.
I don't even know.
Maybe this explains why I get terrible service at retail stores. Is this what I look like all the time?!


  1. Stink face is far preferable to bitch face and working in public education, I am very familiar with permanent bitch face. I, myself, am a possessor of crazy eyes, which introduce my world view on my behalf.

    1. Are your crazy eyes any match for Ramona of RHONY? Her world view is clouded by Pinot Grigio.

  2. I'd like to go on record to say that we won that tug of war competition and I'm darn proud of it. I don't even care that we had to team up with the Pikes to do it.

    1. Maybe that's what my face was about? The unfortunate collaboration? We did win. We always won. We were powered by cake.

  3. what are you talking about- i heard that furrowed brows are all the rage!

    1. Good point! They are sexy in that subtle way, you know? Oh Anzie, I think I better do a photo tutorial of that. Thoughts?


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