Friday, August 24, 2012

Juan Burgundy says "Stay Compensated, Los Angeles"

I feel so blah this week. Why does my hand smell so much like garlic all the time? Why am I cooking so much with canned food? How many chicken breast+canned soup/sauce in the crockpot combinations can I serve before my body turns into some sort of salt mine? How many more workdays will consist of little more than emails, phone calls, and more emails? I'm an analyst, not a professional email sender!

I have no answers. What I do have, however, is the Ron Burgundy of personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles.

I wonder if the likeness is un accidente?
 The difference between Ron and Juan is that Ron prefers a knowing half-smile to a tastefully toothy grin.

"You can trust us"
They both have a certain command of a desk that most can only aspire to.

Writing lawyery words on that paper

Reading newsy words from that paper
I'm pretty sure most cities have their own version of Ron Burgundy, and for some reason, it makes sense that they would all be personal injury lawyers whose public bus ads make up the bulk of their marketing strategy.

In other news, I haven't made any progress on my promised post. I usually get my blog work done on the weekends, but last weekend I went to a slumber party. I highly recommend that grown women throw slumber parties. If that weirds you out, we probably can't be friends.

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