Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Steals and Deals

I know it's bad form to talk about the amount of money you spent on something, but when a very good deal is involved I believe that rule no longer applies. Finding a deal or steal is like a gift, and I like to give by passing those gifts on to others.

I am a member of many discount members-only websites, and I hardly ever buy anything. When I say hardly, I mean I have only bought from one site two times during the holidays. However, after taking inventory of my closet I realize I only have enough business wear to last me about a week. I only have one blazer. I only have one cardigan. I have two button downs, only one with long enough sleeves. I am reluctant to go shopping because I haven't started yet and haven't earned a paycheck yet! SOLUTION! My discount websites and Christmas giftcards!

Here's what I got so far:
Banana Republic Wide Croc-Embossed Belt
List Price $69.50 My Price $9.50
(no longer in stock online, check stores)

Banana Republic Silk Crinkled-Neckline Shell
List Price $70.00 My price $17.00

Banana Republic Classic Pencil Skirt
List Price $59.50 My price $7.00

Gap Hip-Slung Yarn Dyed Flare Pants
List Price $59.50 My Price $20.00
Everything is listed for a much higher price online than what I paid in the stores. The sale prices were lower and Banana Republic took an additional 40% off the sale price. Plus, the skirt had a broken zipper so it was 80% off. I have no problem getting a broken zipper fixed.

Atelier Snap Jacket
List Price $220.00 (WHAT??) My Price $49.99

Atelier Pencil Skirt - Charcoal
List Price $98.00 My Price $29.00

Thank you, ideeli.com! If you want to check out ideeli and become a member, use the invitation link below. (copy and paste may be necessary)

Whether you need new clothes for an existing job, a new job, or for interviews to try to get a job, there are deals out there! Stores need to move their merchandise and with this economy most people hesitate to pay full price now more than ever. I'll keep you posted with any more deals I find!

(images courtesy of bananarepublic.com, gap.com, and ideeli.com)

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